Why Your Company Needs VMWare Training

If, for some reason you have been hiding under a rock for the past few years you may not have heard about IT’s most significant trend in years, virtualization management.

Virtualization Blazing a New Path

2009 was a brutal year for businesses. In the wake of the recession, companies everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs and increase revenue. It’s a new year, and everyone’s ready for a new way of doing things, which is why thousands of companies are looking to VMware as a way to start fresh. Virtualization management training is quickly becoming one of the hottest training trends of 2010, thanks to its proven money and energy-saving success.

Virtualization management helps you cut down on IT costs because it lets you create multiple virtual machines on the same physical computer. Each virtual machine has its own CPU, memory, operating system, and networking devices. With VMware, you can run multiple virtual machines simultaneously, each with its own different operating system and applications. VMware lets you get the most out of your hardware capabilities, enabling one computer to do the work of several machines. When you virtualize your IT infrastructure, the possibilities are limitless. It’s no wonder everyone is jumping on this.

The other great thing about virtual machines is that each one is isolated from the other machines. If one virtual machine crashes, the others remain up and running. If one virtual machine gets a virus, the rest of the machines are safe. In other words, virtualization management minimizes the effects of computer disasters. When the machines are software based, they become very easy to manage. They can be transferred between machines as easily as software, and new ones can be created whenever you need them.

Virtualization is also gaining popularity due to its energy-saving capabilities. Imagine running several machines on the energy it take to run a single computer. Companies using virtualization management to its full potential report saving up to 80% in IT energy costs. This means that VMware is not only great for your business, but it’s good for the environment as well. With everyone looking for ways to save energy and “go green”, this makes VMware even more exciting.

Companies everywhere are excited about the way virtualization is helping businesses. VMware helps companies save money, increase productivity, and reduce IT energy costs. It won’t be long before everyone is virtualizing their IT infrastructures. This kind of knowledge and capability is priceless, making VMware training one of the hottest training trends of 2010.

Virtualization and VMware Training and Certification

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